The Different Types of Bingo Cages

By | October 3, 2021

Once associated with the elderly in smoke filled church halls and lodging halls, Bingo has come a long way, still trendy, but no longer seen as a game for the aged. Bingo can be played by all age groups, and is now enjoyed by young and old both online and playing traditional bingo in halls.

Both versions of bingo have the game play similar to horse racing, where you can choose a number and win by marking off the squares. The numbers are announced at the same time, and the players check their cards/tickets, cover the numbers with pearly. The game is played with 75 balls, and the balls drawn are 1 – 75. The game of bingo is much like other lottery games in that the players pick a number, (and therefore a prize), and hope that the players get the number drawn to match the numbers on their card/ticket. The prizes for Under East Helmets Bingo are as follows:

  1. First prize is to match the number announced at the beginning of the game. The prize is given for each correct first appearance.
  2. Second prize is to match the number announced at the end of the last game. The prize is given for each correct second appearance.
  3. There is a special bonus prize awarded for any player that gets the blackout prize. This prize can only be won when the player has specified the bonus number that is presented.
  4. The game is scored according to the card/ticket combination.

When a player obtains a Bingo card/ticket combination that includes all of the regular numbers with the bonus number, this is known as a blackout. When the player has any of the regular numbers with the bonus number, regardless of whether they are in the same row or column, they win the game.

Inrunning is a variation of the game and requires that the player rethink their Bingo card/ticket combination after each Bingo call is completed, in order to make certain they get the number of called numbers in their card/ticket.

Button Man Bingo is a game in which the player moves the checkers around the MPO777 area using the in running moves. The winner is the player that has all of the checkers on a single point.

Bingoarlouette is a game in which the players create a bingo bracelet by matching the square growth on their card/ticket. The first player to do so is the victor.

60 Ball Bingo is the name given to the game by the American target market. It is a revamped version of the original game with different rules on how to win. The element of winning a prize at stake money bonuses, whereby players can win even if they lose, much like they would in target market games, gives it a bit more of a global feel. Plus, matching the same number in each free square does not guarantee you will win.

60 Ball Bingo games can be played with a single deck, up to a deck of 52 cards, in 3 separate instances:

  1. Inwide Bingo, where all square cards are covered;
  2. Inwide Coverall, where only squares that are not covered by other cards are covered; and
  3. Inwide Straight, where each card is retired after the first X# of lines are completed.

The retired cards are shuffled back into the deck, and the deck is put away.

Vega Bingo which is Spanish for Zero is a game whereby players are rewarded for bearing the least number of numbers in a horizontal row.

Bingoarleno comes in two versions, one in which the last five numbers of the regular numbers are rewarded, and the other in which the last five numbers of the regular numbers are not rewarded.

It’s a fun way of learning the game with some easy to follow rules, and it’s got a great global branding. It’s now available in the US too, and is pretty much beloved at this point.

80 Ball Bingo is the Spanish language variation of the game and is very similar to the popular Spanish game called Super Bingo. The80 Ball Bingogame is played using a single deck of cards, and the cards are divided into eight rows and eight columns. There are five letters that appear around the top of the card, and the remaining letter is in the ‘free space’ at the bottom of the card.

Each column has twenty five numbers, and the Free space at the bottom of the card is a different color. A set must be occupied in the free space, in order to mark the one with the number. If you have a combination in the free space, you can write the number in the square, and once you get it, the square where you placed your number will light up.